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• Humane, live animal capture

• Abandoned animal rescue

• Animal relocation

• Home and property inspections

• Dead animal removal

• Sanitation and odor control

• Ponds, creeks, and lakes

• Drainage systems

• Golf course management

• Municipal property management

• Commercial property management

• Sharp Shooting for Deer & Coyotes



 Bat Removal                                       Opossum Removal

 Beaver Removal                                Rabbit Removal

 Bee Removal                                       Raccoon Removal

 Chipmunk Removal                          Skunk Removal

 Coyote Removal                                White Tail Deer 

 Feral Cat Removal                            Squirrel Removal

 Flying Squirrel Removal                  Wasp Removal

 Fox Removal                                       Wood Chuck Removal

 Geese Removal                                  

 Groundhog Removal

 Mink Removal

 Muskrat Removal


My name is John Born Jr.
My goal is to help Southeastern Wisconsin resolve wildlife conflicts. I believe in humane animal removal, so I use live traps 95% of the time.

I offer animal control 24-hours a day, so call me anytime at 262-939-9957 or email me at
or use the contact us form below and we will get back to you as soon as possible.

Fully insured and licensed by the State of Wisconsin and the Department of Natural Resources  


We provide service in the following counties: 

Racine Co, Kenosha Co, Walworth Co, Waukesha Co, and Milwaukee Co.

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Born Trapping Services, LLC

Union Grove, WI

(262) 939-9957